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Noah & Rachel

Noah & Rachel
Noah and Rachel's wedding is a great example of how God puts people in our path for us to bless them, for them to bless us, or simply - both!  Not only do I treasure this wedding for being my first bride and groom in Iwakuni, Japan, but because of the sweet moments I was able to witness and document on their special day. To begin, Rachel's mother, Amy, contacted me[...]

A Typical Saturday Morning

A Typical Saturday Morning
In Iwakuni, a group of photographers gather monthly to discuss photography concepts and topics.  We have a monthly theme, and this month's theme is Documentary.  Earlier this year, I wanted to capture a typical morning in our house.  It was just one of those times when I felt it was important to document the things I notice and love as I watch my kiddos play in their [...]

Bucky McGee & His Lady – Iwakuni Portrait Photographer

Bucky McGee & His Lady - Iwakuni Portrait Photographer
"Bucky" was in flight school with my husband, but I didn't get to meet him or his wife until we finally moved to Iwakuni, Japan.  I had such a great time photographing these two newlyweds.  Not only was it fun getting genuine smiles from B, but the dad jokes were pretty amazing.  :) How cute are these two???

The Millers – Iwakuni Portrait Photographer

The Millers - Iwakuni Portrait Photographer
Tasha Miller.  Where do I start with this chick?  When I met her, I put her in my phone as "Tasha Mary Kay Lady", but little did I know that she would become so much more.  Within days of meeting each other we found out that we were moving to Iwakuni within two weeks of each other.  Fast forwarding to landing in Iwakuni, I go to check out our new apartment and find ou[...]

The Simonsons – Iwakuni Portrait Photographer

The Simonsons - Iwakuni Portrait Photographer
Within the first thirty minutes of landing in Iwakuni, Japan, I met my sponsor's wife, Amanda.  To say this woman was a God-send wouldn't even come close to how thankful I was to have her take care of us as our sponsor.   Jeff and Amanda must be made of magic because we had an apartment with loaner furniture waiting for us that day.  Most people spend WEEKS in TLF wai[...]