A Reunion! – Corpus Christi Portrait Photographer

On my visit home to Tulsa, I had the chance to photograph one of my childhood best friends.  We grew up with each other during those awkward middle school years, and I have so many fond memories of sharing our summers together, hanging out at each others house, and having girl talk.  I The last time I had talked to her was my junior year of high school.  Then college, moves, jobs and marriages made us go our separate ways, but thank goodness for Facebook!  Joleen had told me that the next time I was in Tulsa, she wanted family photos.  We made it happen!  I was able to meet her friendly husband and two gorgeous kids.  Looking at her son and daughter threw me into a time warp as they were Joleen and her brother when I first met them.  They even came over to my mother’s house after the session where we got to catch up for a couple of hours.

It was great catching up, Joleen!  Hope you love your photos!

CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox001 CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox002 CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox005 CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox010 CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox011 CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox012 CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox013 CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox016 CorpusChristiWeddingPhotographyLaurenWeeksPhotographyCox017

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