Fields & Flowers – Corpus Christi Portrait Photographer

I love shooting for the needs of my clients, but sometimes I just need to get out my camera and shoot what I want to shoot.  I met Kaitlyn on a Corpus Christi photography group on facebook.  We instantly clicked, and she was feeling my whimsy & flowery themed session that I wanted to shoot in a field.  We almost canceled due to the crazy wind and rain that raised my anxiety all day.  I was so scared we would have to cancel the session that I had waited weeks to shoot!  Luckily, we stuck with the schedule, the rain cleared, and we had a beautiful experience.  It was other-worldly being in a field at sunset with the wind whipping the tall grass in a beautiful pattern.

I think my favorite picture in the whole bunch is the last picture.  It just sums up where my heart is.  I have a serious itch to be out and about, traveling the world, meeting new people, and just experiencing LIFE!  Having two sick kiddos on and off since January and a husband who is busy in flight school can make a girl start to feel a little stuck.  Sessions like this help me get out of my funk and feel more fulfilled.

Thank you for the opportunity, Kaitlyn.  You were a dream to work with, and I’m so happy to know you!


CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers006 CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers007 CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers009CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers004 CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers003 CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers012 CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers014 CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers015CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers016 CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers017CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers005CorpusChristiLaurenweeksPhotographyfieldsandflowers018

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