Stroller Strides in Portland, TX!! – Corpus Christi Portrait Photographer

FIT4MOM is in Portland, TX!  That means Corpus Christi has two locations where Mommas can get fit while being with their babies.

Here is the promotion below…This is THE time to join if you are a Portland mom!

Portland Moms! We are offering a FREE preview of our Stroller Strides classes every Monday for the month of January. Join us for class at 9:30 am held at the Joe Burke Pavillion (weather permitting) or the Portland Community Center for the month of January for FREE!!

The first 10 moms to sign up for a Portland Membership will be deemed a Portland Founding Mom! Founding Moms will pay $0 registration fee and receive $5 off her monthly recurring dues. Classes will be offered 2 days a week in Portland for $50 a month.

For more information, go to or email Jen at


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