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What’s more exciting/nerve-racking than shooting the biggest wedding you have ever shot to date?  Shooting a photographer that you admire.  Have you ever heard that quote “Girls compete with one another, women empower one another”?  Well, in this photography world that can be dog-eat-dog,  Andrea, of Andrea Hauck Photography, has definitely been one of the many people in my life here in Yuma that has been empowering.  She hasn’t held back and always offered advice and encouragement when it was needed.  I’m only sad that I’m moving and didn’t get to pick her brain as much as I wanted.  BUT I have until Nov. 14th, so get ready for the questions, Andrea!

I was honored and excited when Andrea asked for new head shots to update her website.  I was also super nervous.  I simply adored the picture that Stephanie Marie had taken the year before, and quite honestly, I didn’t know if I could top that picture.  It was like the universe aligned and created the perfect location, light, hue and pose for that shot….so what was I going to do??  Pinterest and image searches were not giving me the inspiration I was looking for.  I was looking at other photographers “about me” sections and finding nothing.  I was scared it was going to be a less than stellar shoot.  Fortunately, Andrea came to rock the session.  Makeup, hair, cute outfits and a killer smile (I was going to say killer body, but I’m trying to keep it professional here) were simply my inspiration.  We just went for it and started snapping pictures.  We started in downtown Yuma for some head shots and pictures with camera, and then headed to West Wetlands for some yummy light and some pictures of her in action.  I LOVE the way they turned out!  We were even able to capture sweet pictures of her and her little ladies.

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