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My last mentor session was with Katy who is pretty serious about mastering Manual mode on her camera and possibly starting her own gig in the future.

I actually met Katy at another photographer’s Pampered Chef party (Hey, Andrea!).  It was my first week of living in Yuma and I only knew one person.  I ended up going to this party while being super nervous about not knowing anyone, but forced myself to go.  I had to start meeting people sometime, right?  And I’m so glad I did.  I happened to talk with Katy and we had a lot in common, including our little boys.  Whenever you meet another mother who has boys, you instantly click – and you don’t let them go…for sanity purposes if nothing else.  They can relate! For example, you don’t have to worry about them judging your parenting when your son throws his toys everywhere, eats a rock, and hits your kid with a toy hammer – because their kid is about to do it too!

So, I was super thrilled when Katy said she was interesting in buying a DSLR and learning about photography.  After a failed mentor session at McDonald’s with our boys present, we decided to meet up again sans kiddos at my house.  Being that Katy already had an basic understanding of ISO, aperature, and shutter speed, she was easily able to pick up the concepts being taught. Soon after we left the boys with our husbands and went location scouting for a future client of mine, and played with our cameras.

*If you have every had an interest in learning more about your DSLR, please don’t hesitate to contact me!*

*You don’t even have to live in Yuma!*



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