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This blog post is specifically dedicated to all those people out there who have a DSLR camera but are still shooting in Auto mode.  Let’s face it – you have a potentially great (and slightly expensive) camera, but you’re using it like it’s a simple “point and shoot”.   This is the time to learn to shoot in manual mode and get the most out of your camera and the pictures that you love to take of your family and friends!

What You Will Learn in My Basic DSLR Class:

  • ISO, aperture & Shutter speed
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • JPEG vs. Raw
  • Your Questions/Misc.

What You Need:

  • DSLR camera body and lens
  • Internet Access
  • Three of your own pictures unedited (whether in print or online)

Why You Should Learn From Me:

  • I’ve taught several online mentoring sessions before – all successful and fun!
  • I’ve come up with my own learning materials to compliment instruction
  • I’ve been teaching for 7 years.  I’m kinda good at it!
  • You’ll have access to me with any photography related questions after our session
  • My normal rate is $100/person/hour – In March *only* I’m offering my session for $75/person with as much time as needed to in one session.

So, who’s game?

If you live outside of Yuma, the online session is the way to go.   We set up a date and time to meet up on Skype.  From there, we will go over worksheets made by me that have been emailed to you the day before.  After worksheets, we’ll play with our cameras together and go over any questions you may have.  All in the comfort of our pjs.  🙂

If you live in Yuma, it’s the same thing –  we set up a date, time and meeting place.  We’ll go over worksheets and then play with our cameras and practice different lighting scenarios.

Please feel free to email me at with any questions or to set up a date and time!

If you are a previous client of mine who has taken a mentoring session below, feel free to leave a comment/review below!


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