An NC Wedding – Yuma Wedding Photographer

So, you may think I’m way late in posting this blog, but I’m truly not.  When I started doing photography, I had no desire to do wedding photography.  Therefore, I really didn’t market myself as a wedding photographer – hence why I didn’t post these pictures last November when Kourtney and Gary were married.   I didn’t want the inquiries regarding weddings that I just wasn’t ready for.  BUT as my confidence and skill level have grown, I have taken on two small weddings in North Carolina and Yuma, and one in a week from now I’ll shoot a wedding for a very close friend in Angelfire, NM.  I think I can finally say that I’m ready to take on the smaller weddings that are booked in Yuma.

Below are a few pictures of an NC wedding I did last November.  I was lucky to have a STUNNING bride in a fall Marine wedding.  It was beautiful.  Take a look!

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