A Jones County Engagement Session

If you’re willing to brave mosquitos (and all the other weird looking creatures that come out in the summers in North Carolina), and sit in a wet field – all for a photo opp – then you’re my gal.  No wimps allowed.  I had a blast taking pictures with Megan and Deric.  Megan’s adventurous spirit and determination for a good photo, and Deric’s easy-going, laid-back attitude made for a great day in Jones Co.

Megan is a friend from my teaching days at Jones Senior High School.  I was the Special Education teacher that co-taught with her in Freshman Seminar & English I.  We made quite a team…think good cop/bad cop scenario.  I was the bad cop 99.9% of the time.  What can I say, she’s just a better person – and an amazing teacher.  She was definitely one of many friends there who always made any day a little brighter.

Editing this photo session was a lot of fun.  For starters, the colors popped.  A bright red dress, and grandma’s home made quilt can’t be beat. Second, Jones Co. is beautiful.  I fell in love with the bright green field and the rustic barn where we took these pictures – all less than a few yards from her house.

Megan and Deric are now engaged and plan to be married this October.  I’m happy for you both, and hope you love the pictures!

(And yes, I know I posted a ton of pictures of this barn.  I’m in love with it!)


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